Cunningham Road


Cunningham Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin

A private-sector development at Dalkey Co Dublin, planning permission was received for 27 residential units, consisting of 15 houses, 9 apartments and 54 car parking spaces, on an inner suburban infill site. 

A line of new terraced mews houses spatially demarcate the limits of the villa from the remainder of the site. Advantage is taken of the natural slope of the land to allow the buildings to nestle into the hill using efficient semi-basement areas accommodating bedrooms and the smaller service rooms. This allows the visible above-ground built forms to emerge from the landscape as relatively small volumes. These contain the main living areas and are large light-filled, airy spaces with access to the adjoining external private terraces. The new buildings are composed of natural materials (brick, timber, lead) and are ‘settled’ into the hill by the continuity of these materials into the new landscape.